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If you want a City Council Member who will:

  • Listen to and be a voice for residents and their concerns
  • Respect and value our many unique residential neighborhoods and work to preserve and protect them
  • Be mindful of our water resources
  • Be financially responsible with taxpayer money
  • Work to protect and maintain the beautiful open space that surrounds us
  • Be mindful of our existing small businesses and not add barriers to their success
  • Work to add on-campus housing at Cal Poly -- in appropriate locations
  • Work to keep our downtown family-friendly

Then you should support and 
Vote for Mike Clark for SLO City Council


 For a bit more information, here is my ballot statement that will be in the City's ballot pamphlet:

Ballot Statement 

Education and Qualifications:  I moved to San Luis Obispo in 1994.  Over the years my family has enjoyed the wonderful quality of life our city leaders historically took great pride in preserving.  In recent years, however, I have become concerned with changes in city leadership's direction that threaten our quality of life.

Together, we can reverse those changes.  If elected, I will work to ensure the safety, security and quality of life in our residential neighborhoods, protect our city from massive development that overwhelms its limited resources, preserve San Luis Obispo's historic small-town character and charm, maintain our cherished views and surrounding open space, and exercise fiscal responsibility and accountability.  You can count on me to be accessible, effective, and committed to the future of San Luis Obispo.  It would be an honor to serve you on the City Council.

I have a business degree from San Diego State University, three decades of military leadership experience, served twice on the San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury, once as Foreman, am serving my fourth term on the County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission, and am treasurer of the Rev. Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund.  I have the broad background and skills needed on Council.

Residents’ voices and votes matter.  I respectfully ask for your vote to be your voice on our City Council.


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